Time-lapse - Wool Hall conservation in under 3 minutes

28 May 2024

The Wool Hall at Poole Museum.

A time-lapse camera has captured the works as they progress. We now have a full 6 months of footage and would like to share this 'story' with you.

Some context - Poole Museum closed to the public in January 2023 and with a combined effort from staff and volunteers the building was empty and ready to hand over to our main contractors, Greendale Construction in October 2023. (You can read earlier blogs about the decant and removal of some of our larger items of the collection in earlier blogs).

From the beginning of December 2023, we have had a time-lapse camera installed in the Wool Hall and this has allowed us to speed up time!

Wool Hall - poor state of repair
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The footage shows the conservation works, undertaken by Albion Stonemasons Ltd, which has involved the painstaking repointing of all elevations. The stonemasons have been raking out the cementitious mortar from much earlier repair works in the 1970s which has contributed to the decay of the stonework. In places stones have been replaced, along with structural repairs. The end result, is truly breathtaking - the quality of the work is exceptional.

Removal of old materials in Wool Hall wall.
Lime mortar being placed
Stonemason's tool - Wool Hall, Poole
Wool Hall south wall work completed

Works to the external elevations, currently behind sheeting, are also very nearly complete. Soon you’ll be able to see the outside for yourself!

Wool Hall South Wall 180424