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Sea Music Project

'Sea Music' stands on the Quay at Poole, just a short distance from Poole Museum. It is an extraordinary sculpture and landmark for Poole. It was designed and created by Sir Anthony Caro, considered to be one of Britain's greatest sculptors. 'Sea Music' is his only site specific work.

Whilst Caro receives international acclaim, 'Sea Music' at present, is an under realised asset for Poole. Sadly, its position by the sea, which Caro evokes in the design, means that it has suffered from serious salt corrosion as well as considerable wear and tear from the use of the viewing platforms. After 25 years, 'Sea Music' is now in urgent need of repair and if we do not act now the integrity of the structure could be lost.

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Sea Music

To save this remarkable sculpture for future generations, Poole Museum is undertaking a major project to repair it and also put in place a conservation plan for the next 25 years. In addition to this essential work we have also planned a series of events for the local community to share the importance and significance of the work.

We are planning:

  • An exhibition of Caro's 'Concerto Series' of sculptures alongside photographs of 'Sea Music' by David Ward, which will be held at the Museum.
  • An engagement and interpretation programme that re-engages the community with the work including a schools programme and celebratory events.
  • An online photographic journal with observations by the public about the sculpture.
  • A publication about the sculpture and its significance to Poole, including texts by Caro, historian and TV presenter Alastair Sooke and Poole architect Tom Roberts.
  • A schools digital music and performance project.
  • A performance of a piece of music written by Jim Aitchison as a response to 'Sea Music' to be performed by Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.
  • A series of lectures by leading Caro experts.
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Your donation will help preserve this sculpture which Caro so generously gave to Poole, for us all to enjoy for years to come.

With your help we can care for and conserve Sea Music for the next 25 years preserving Caro's important work and Poole's great asset.

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