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While it can be a difficult topic to bring up, one of the major sources of income for charities comes in the form of people leaving gifts in their will.

If you have enjoyed visiting Poole Museum, or if you are passionate about preserving and promoting Poole’s unique and special heritage, you might like to consider remembering Poole Museum Foundation, a registered charity, in your will.

Your generous gift would help us preserve the best of Poole, and the wider Wessex region, for future generations. 

The two most common ways of donating to charity in wills are either by promising a set amount of money, known as a cash gift; or by promising a set percentage of the residue of an estate, known as a residuary gift.

While it is possible to update your will by yourself, you are advised to seek advice from your solicitor.

The trustees of Poole Museum Foundation would be delighted, and most grateful, if you are able to include a bequest to the Museum Foundation in your will.

You can read Poole Museum Foundation's privacy policy here.

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