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This workshop is for pupils learning about the Romans. The workshop takes place at your school. You can have the activity for the full day or choose option 1 or 2 on their own.


Learning Outcome

Pupils will find what life was like in Roman Britain.




Who were the Romans?


Option 1

Gladiatorial combat: learn the techniques of different gladiators. Two pupils will rise to the top and perform a display.

Roman Army Training. Learn drills and marches.

Life in the Army. Split into three groups and rotate through three activities: throwing sling shots and spears; looking at artefacts; grinding corn for army bread.


Option 2

Dress for a Roman banquet. Change into costumes (not provided, but instructions are available).

Banquet (please bring cushions and blankets). Split into two groups (citizens and slaves). The slaves will prepare Roman food and the citizens will learn Latin, write invitations and arrange the ‘dining room'.


The groups will swap after 30 minutes and everyone will eat together.


Listen to a story as after dinner entertainment.





Staff ratios

Please ensure you have at least one adult helper, as well as the class teacher, to supervise the activities.



Clothing should be comfortable, practical and warm. As much as the workshop will take place outside as possible. We have provided instructions for making simple Roman costumes for the afternoon as they will add to the activity. Please do not wear these in the morning as they will impede the ‘army’ activities.



The workshop takes place at your school, in the field if the weather is fine or in the hall. A classroom is not  a large enough space for these activities.


Before the visit

It would be helpful if you could make cardboard shields with the children for use during the army training. Instructions will be provided.


It would be helpful if you could provide cushions and blankets or ask each child to bring a cushion that would help create the dining room atmosphere in the afternoon.



We are very happy for our staff to be photographed working with your pupils. Where consent is available we would be grateful for copies of digital photos we can use for promotion and publicity.


Health and safety

A risk assessment has been prepared to assist you in your risk assessment. This will be provided when you book.



If your group has specific issues, such as special educational needs, learning or physical disabilities please raise these when booking so that we can tailor the session accordingly.



You will be invoiced for the workshop after our visit. Please advise us of any relevant order numbers if appropriate.


Further enquiries

For booking, further information or a discussion of your needs and the suitability of the workshop please contact our Learning Assistant on 01202 262628 or email us.

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