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This workshop is for pupils studying about holidays of the past. This workshop lasts an hour and will take place in your classroom.

Learning Outcomes

Pupils will: 

  1. Find out what seaside holidays were like in the past

  2. Ask and answer questions about different sources of information

  3. Recognise changing environments.



Activity 1, 2 and 3 

Split class into 3 groups and rotate activities after 10 and 20 minutes

   Activity 1: Looking at old post-cards and writing them

   Activity 2: Dressing up in seaside costumes

  Activity 3: Looking at holiday souvenirs

Activity 4

  Punch and Judy


Staff ratios

The class teacher must be present for the whole session. The class teacher will need to supervise the dressing up activities. It would be helpful to have another adult helping supervise the activities.  


We are very happy for our staff to be photographed working with your pupils. Where consent is available we would be grateful for copies of digital photos we can use for promotion and publicity.

Health and safety

A risk assessment has been prepared to assist you in your risk assessment. This will be provided when you book. 


If your group has specific issues, such as special educational needs, learning or physical disabilities please raise these when booking so that we can tailor the session accordingly.


You will be invoiced for the workshop after our visit. Please advise us of any relevant order numbers if appropriate.

Further enquiries

For booking, further information or a discussion of your needs and the suitability of the workshop please contact our Learning Assistant on 01202 262628 or email us.

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