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Young Curators

All the latest news and feedback from the Young Curators

A warm welcome

Trudie ColePosted by Trudie Cole at 18/03/2015 13:59:23


We asked the Young Curators to give us feedback on how welcoming we are. Here's what they said:


"We felt welcomed by the Reception staff, they seemed to know who we were and why we were here".

"We like the modern look of the front of the building, particularly compared to the other old buildings".


They made some suggestions too


"We had to ask the price for something in the shop. Everything should be priced".

"I wasn't sure about the themes. I would prefer it [the Museum] to be in date order. Perhaps you could put up a timeline with space for people's comments, like you did for the Olympics"

"We didn't mind staff talking to us, but perhaps you should only bother people who look confused. Don't be over familiar".

"We asked for the price of a coffee in the cafe and the lady just pointed to the price list".

I was a bit shocked about this, but the young people said the attendant wasn't rude, she just didn't know the price. I should add the Museum don't have any control over cafe staff, but we'll pass this on.

What do you think? Do you agree with all this? Do we provide a warm welcome? Do you agree with these suggestions?


Next month we're going to be looking at the website!




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