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Poole Museum Service's Learning Blog

Welcome to Poole Museum Service's learning blog. This is the place to find out about what's happening in terms of learning at Poole Museum. The Learning Team will bring you regular updates about projects and opportunities and link to other interesting things. Please get in touch using the comments facility or by email or phone if you would like to discuss anything mentioned here.

Half Term Fun and Other Things

Trudie ColePosted by Trudie Cole at 30/10/2014 15:02:05
The Witch of Scaplen's Court



It's been incredibly busy at the Museum this week. Our resident Scaplen's Court witch brewed up tall tales yesterday to hoards of children and their families. Throughout the week our visitors have been hunting down our eight legged friends as they take part in our spooky spider trail.


Young People

Amongst all this half term fun we've also been cracking on with our other work. Louise and Abby from the Learning Team have just set off for Poole annual youth conference. They will be talking to young people about diversity and equality and thinking about how different artefacts reveal ideas about gender. Louise was frantically searching for a moustache cup earlier and interestingly, our curator, Sue noted that although she could find lots of 'male' objects, there were fewer 'female' objects to hand. I think this is pretty telling in itself.


I'm also waiting for our Takeover Day participants to arrive for their weekly training slot. Today they will be learning about how to handle and talk about objects. I've got some interesting things for them to have a look at. I hope they agree!


And Now For Something Completely Different

I went to London this week to meet with my mentor (even - perhaps especially - learning staff still need to keep learning). We talked through all sorts of things, but one of the discussions that really gave me food for thought is what is the relationship between museums and technology. I don't just mean, how are we using games and apps, I mean how are we influencing technology providers. In other words why should technology companies work with museums, what can we bring to their world? I think the short answer is we can offer them inspiration, help create a cultured and creative workforce and provide rich source material. I'm going to be giving this all a lot more thought and look forward to developing some schools projects with these ideas in mind. If you would like to share with me in this journey, then please drop me a line.


On a related note I've just discovered the Google Cultural Institute. This is a fantastic resource that I hope to start using soon. Please get in touch if you would like to explore this with me.  


I've also been working with the team to hone our workshops and setting up meetings with colleagues to take projects forward. Next week we have school workshops at our Roman House to look forward to. I will be trying to get our iPod Touches ready to start using with our visitors and meeting with colleagues to discuss what we offer to our very youngest visitors.





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