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Welcome to Poole Museum Service's learning blog. This is the place to find out about what's happening in terms of learning at Poole Museum. The Learning Team will bring you regular updates about projects and opportunities and link to other interesting things. Please get in touch using the comments facility or by email or phone if you would like to discuss anything mentioned here.

Museums, maths and more. . .

Trudie ColePosted by Trudie Cole at 01/07/2015 13:17:40

Do you know about our Discovery Packages? Discovery Packages entitle schools to book workshops at a reduced rate and borrow loan boxes for free. But from this year we're adding lots of additional benefits, including INSETs, Google hangout and Skype sessions, planning advice, special previews for exhibitions, use of our iPods for visits plus more. These extra benefits are negotiated with and tailored for each individual school. Yesterday I met with Laura Bennett, Bearwood Primary School's dynamic head teacher and we have a very exciting Discovery Package programme lined up for next year. I am meeting with other heads over the next couple of weeks before school breaks up for Summer to develop these individual packages. It's not too late if you want to get involved or find out more. Just give me a call (01202 262623) or send me an email.


As I mentioned we now have a new programme of INSET sessions which can be run as twilight, half day or full day sessions. You can either book a place o n the twilight sessions here, or we can come to you and do how school sessions. The sessions cover a range of history linked topics, such as maths in real life (history and geography), how to access and use local history sources, an overview of the highlights of Poole's history, using objects in early years or some fun team building INSETs with historical twists. If you are using one of the thematic curriculum models such as the IPC or Cornerstones you might find these INSETs particularly helpful. Or perhaps you haven't got a clue about history in Poole and want help with local studies or are unsure of prehistoric chronology. If this is you, then we can help.


We're still pretty busy with school visits. Over the next couple of weeks we've got more Victorian workshops, museum gallery workshops and Vikings sessions. The great thing about schools workshops here at the Museum is that they are about an experience. That means that they are appropriate as a hook at the beginning of a topic to immerse children in a subject before you get down to the structured learning, but they also provide fun experiences, that work as an end of term reward for hard work. Plus we are always happy to amend and tailor our offer to meet your schools individual needs.




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