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Poole Museum Service's Learning Blog

Welcome to Poole Museum Service's learning blog. This is the place to find out about what's happening in terms of learning at Poole Museum. The Learning Team will bring you regular updates about projects and opportunities and link to other interesting things. Please get in touch using the comments facility or by email or phone if you would like to discuss anything mentioned here.

Poole's superheroes?

Trudie ColePosted by Trudie Cole at 28/01/2015 09:11:29


I've just been talking to a local school about their Year 2 topics and one of their topics is superheroes. How cool is that. So I started to think about who Poole's superheroes might be. Someone on Twitter suggested Harry Paye, Poole's pirate hero. The  Hawkshurst gang were also mentioned. They were a group of smugglers. Whether or not they were heroes probably depends on your perspective. Other suggestions included notable lifeboat men who courageously saved lives. Who would you nominate?


Folk heroes

This morning I'm meeting to discuss a new project to look at the history of protest songs. This idea sprang from the work around Poole's role in the abolition of slavery that Poole High undertook for Black History Month last October. Dorset has a rich tradition of folk singing and protest and we hope to explore this, as well as people's reflections of what protests songs moved them and why. We also hope to work with young people who will absorb this information and create their own new protest songs. If you'd like to be involved in how this develops, please drop me a line.


Roman House Update

The community stakeholders meeting last Saturday was really interesting. It was lovely to see so many people with such passion and enthusiasm. The ideas and suggestions generated and discussions around them and their various pros and cons was really helpful. I also met with a builder yesterday to discuss stabilising the old structure. Firmer plans about what will happen to the old house and how we might move forward will start to crystallise over the next few weeks, so watch this space.


Anglo-Saxons and more. . .

This week is relatively quiet in terms of school visits, but next week is set to be really busy. We are leading workshops about pirates, Victorians and Saxons, as well as general museum school visits, phew! The Anglo-Saxon workshops are a new development. Let us know if you would like to get involved and meet our new Saxon guides.





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