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Snippets from Poole Archives

When Poole had a school ma’am

User Avatar Penelope Lovesy 12/07/2020 09:57:15

In 1660 the Corporation of Poole were looking for a woman to teach the poor children of the town.

Whereas a waste plot of ground lying near the Windmill ...lately enclosed by railings. By the general consent of the Mayor Aldermen & Burgesses of this Town & County for the raising of a yearly maintenance for one woman to be nominated by the said Mayor and Burgesses...to keep a School in the Chapel of the old Almshouse there for the Educating , keeping at work and taking care, of All such poor Children as are or may  be burthensome to this town.

From the Corporation Order Book 15..1702, April 1660. In the care of the Dorset History Centre.

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