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Once Upon a Time in Animation

This Summer, we are proud to present Once Upon A Time in Animation as an online exhibition for your family to enjoy.

The National Centre for Computer Animation (NCCA) at Bournemouth University has been at the forefront of computer graphics and animation education and research in the UK since 1989. With the exhibition Once Upon a time in Animation we will provide an overview of 30 years of excellence in animation research, practice and innovation. This online exhibition will provide a first spotlight into what is to come in spring 2021 when Poole Museum will open its doors to showcase some of the brightest talent in animation, milestones in the NCCA’s history, to provide insight into innovative animation techniques and mind-blowing artistic applications.

The exhibition has been generously supported by Arts Council England and the Heritage Lottery Fund.

About the NCCA:

The NCCA is internationally recognised by the games, animation and visual effects industries as a global leader in education and research in computer animation and visualisation, applying a multidisciplinary approach to Computer Animation, VFX and Computer/Video Game production, education, and research.

The aim of the NCCA is to promote science in the service of the arts and to embed theory within a professional setting, allowing graduates to leave BU with highly sought-after skills in the computer animation, visual effects and computer games industries.

How to create your own character design 

This video provides an overview, as well as valuable tips and tricks on how to design your own character, and will help you to prepare for Poole Museum's Character Design Competition. Created by Dr. Eike Falk Anderson and Dr. Oliver Mag Gingrich (National Centre for Computer Animation), this video is narrated by NCCA-student Meijia Wu. 

The two characters presented here were created by Meijia Wu for her graduation group project 'Out There'. Watch the video to learn how to create your own Character Design.

Enter our Character Design Competition for the chance to have your own character featured in the Once Upon a Time in Animation exhibition at Poole Museum next Spring. 


Tips and Tricks video by the National Centre for Computer Animation


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Competition entry Terms and Conditions.
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