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Dust of Lebanon

User AvatarPosted by Joe Raine at 20/09/2021 10:17:14
Dust of Lebanon 2.jpg

This rather mysterious and poetically named product actually has a pretty prosaic use; to try and get rid of cooking smells from your house. The dust is made from Lebanese Cedar, a type of wood long prized for its pleasant smell, hence people having ‘cedar closets’ for their clothes. The instructions on the back of the pack recommends ‘a small quantity sprinkled on a close range, or upon a heated shovel will instantly diffuse throughout the house a most refreshing perfume…’   

The manufacturers also claim its superiority over carbolic powders ‘and other nauseating compounds’ in any household task. A packet like this would have cost about 10d in the 1940s and this one was prepared by stationery company E. Wolff & Sons at their Falcon Pencil Works in Battersea. If you were feeling cynical you might say 10d for a packet of wood shavings left over after you carved a pencil was a pretty good deal for the manufacturer! Perhaps it’s kinder to say it was admirably efficient.


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