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Anti-Blitz Sandbag

User AvatarPosted by Penelope Lovesy at 29/03/2021 13:28:35

How To Use: Drop or throw the ‘Anti Blitz’ Bag on the bomb followed by others until the bomb is completely covered. The blinding white glare will be eliminated, and the heat controlled… quickly shovel (the incendiary) into a bucket containing dry sand…’    


Instructions for use of the Anti Blitz Sandbag, 1939-1945 


One, of many, big worries for people enduring the Blitz in towns and cities across the UK was incendiary bombs. In tightly packed streets and buildings these weapons could start fires that spread very quickly, especially with emergency teams hampered by rubble and debris from high explosive bombs. The devices came in many forms, but one of the most common was magnesium alloy bombs packed with thermite that burned incredibly hot with an extremely bright light. Later developments even included a small explosive charge that meant they could penetrate any roofs they fell onto, making them even more dangerous. 

Basically a paper bag with three compartments designed to be filled will soil or sand, the Anti-Blitz sandbag was a low-fi device to try and neutralise incendiary devices if they landed in your house or street! You would need be remarkably calm and brave to follow all the instructions printed on the bag (and we’re not sure how effective the bag itself was!) but there are lots of stories from the time of quick-thinking people putting out incendiaries before they could cause too much damage.     


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