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14th century patten strap

User AvatarPosted by Penelope Lovesy at 22/08/2020 00:32:05

This week’s featured object is part of a strap from a 14th century patten. Pattens were a simple medieval sandal worn over regular shoes to protect the owner from the mud and effluence in the street. The high wooden sole raised the wearer up from street level enabling their fine shoes to be safe from contamination.

The leather strap fragment was found beautifully preserved during excavations of the Poole Foundry site. It would have been nailed to a wooden sole through the three holes at the base. The two holes at the top were for feeding the opposing split-ended strap through, to adjust the size.

Similar geometric designs have been found on strap fragments in London and this highly decorative style indicates they were as much about making a statement as they were about staying clean.

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