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Studland Bay Wreck

Studland Bay Wreck
Studland Bay Wreck, early 1500s

Back in the 1980s a very unusual shipwreck was found in Studland Bay. It is one of only a handful of shipwrecks from the era of Columbus that have been found.

This ship began its journey in the Basque region of Spain. This was a ship of exploration from the era when Europeans were discovering parts of the so-called New World for the first time.

Some of the most important objects to have been found on the Studland Bay Wreck include one of the few firmly dated wrought iron guns found in British waters. Other rare objects include a water pump made of walnut wood, which was used to get rid of the water collecting in the ship’s bilge. This life-saving piece of equipment is a very rare find.

Other objects from the wreck included much more personal possessions, including wooden bowls, a medicine bottle with stopper still in it and a nit comb - an essential piece of kit for any seafarer at that time. Combs were also found on Henry VIII’s famous ship, the Mary Rose, some of which still had nits caught in the combs’ teeth.

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